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Arriving at your new place of residence


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Are you new to Schleswig-Holstein and need help or support with questions about language, school, work or housing?

Click on the district you live in on the left to find the most important advice centres in your area.

Arriving in the village or town

When you arrive at your new place of residence, you will be shown around your new home and have the opportunity to find your bearings. Ask at the office for a contact person. The social welfare office often provides a local guiding booklet.

The guiding booklet will give you the addresses of the foreigners authority, youth and migration counselling and other counselling centres.


Dealing with municipal bureaucracy

At the beginning, there is a lot of bureaucracy to deal with. However, it is good that many offices have employees who will do this for you.

For example, registering you with the health insurance fund, registering your residence and also registering your children at school and kindergarten. Ask for these things at the social welfare office.

However, you must open a bank account on your own.

Visit the migration counselling

The migration counselling helps you with:

  • housing problems
  • school and day-care questions
  • social and immigration law issues
  • contact with the authorities
  • personal and family problems
  • language course search
  • and help with orientation in a foreign environment (linguistic, cultural)

You can find the migration counselling centre near you on the map above or here:

Support for young people under 27

Are you under 27 years old? Then you can find support for all kinds of questions at the Youth Migration Service!

The counsellors help with:

  • language training
  • Assistance with visits to the authorities
  • School and vocational orientation
  • job application training
  • Help with the recognition of certificates, school and university degrees
  • Pedagogical support for integration courses
  • Individual counselling and goal setting for integration
Register for a language course / integration course

If you want to learn German, you can register for a language course. If you have a residence permit, you are legally entitled to an integration course. You can find integration courses in your region here.

You are also welcome to contact the counselling centres; they will be happy to help you with registration.

Seek advice on the labour market
You would like to work, do an apprenticeship, get a qualification or study? Would you like help writing your application and CV? Research jobs or prepare for an interview?
The counselling services for labour market integration: Mehr Land in Sicht! and Alle an Bord! will help you.
Start an apprenticeship or a job

If your application is successful, you will receive an employment or training contract and can start working.

The counselling services Mehr Land in Sicht! or Alle an Bord! will also support you in reading and understanding the contracts, so feel free to visit them even after you have been offered a job.

Take off

Congratulations! Now you have sufficient German language skills and an apprenticeship or job.

You can continue to use the services of the counselling centres. There will always be questions about residence titles, relocation or other social matters.